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Published on October 28, 2003 By Nand1 In Internet
As GreenReaper and now the members of #Stardock now know, I have long had an evil plan for becoming the top chatter in all of Irc.Stardock.Com. While this may seem a daunting task, I believe that in my incredible evilness I will be able to accomplish this. You can see my previous conquest of #Galciv at While my original plan had included taking over the rest of the channels adminned by GreenReaper, I have trimmed it down to the just the Stardock channels because it would take way too long(besides, that darn Green wouldn't give me all the addresses and my Evil is a lazy Evil). My plan includes:

1. Entering every stardock channel one by one, and slowly chatting an incredible amount. This won't be too hard because I love to talk.

2. If no one wants to talk to me, perhaps I will read a book in the channel. A Boring book. So talk to me.

3. Try and bring Kryofx along. Me and him can chat for hours and hours and hours. He talks almost as much as me.

4. Make a screenshot of when I'm the number one chatter in every room. It'll prolly be hard to maintain my status as 1st, so I'll save screenshots for when I'm not number one.

I think we can all agree that this is a great Evil Plan. If not, I will smite you with my Evil Chatting Powers.

Today we get a double feature for words. Yah and Nah. Yah is relatively new to my vocabulary. You pronounce it the way you would say yeah, it's just spelled different. I picked this one up after reading Larry Niven's excellent Ringworld series. Nah on the other hand I've used since I was a little kid. Just means no, and it's pretty commonly used.
on Oct 28, 2003
Nah, I don't think you can do it. Yah, I really mean that
on Oct 28, 2003
It will happen!!! Nothing can stop meh!
on Oct 28, 2003
This from the #GalCiv stats:

kryo forgot to turn off the CAPS-lock, writing 10 lines in CAPS.
[04:09.12] (kryo): TPAXATE BAC

Apologies to any Russian readers who may have been offended
on Oct 28, 2003
Can't we just make you the screenshot showing you as #1? It would save effort for everyone.

Perhaps if we implemented Scrabble-based scoring for word choice...

on Dec 21, 2003
You do remind me of the actor anarchists in "Sense & Senility" (blackadder episode) who's "fatal flaw" was to have their entire book written, copied up, and bound in manuscript format.
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