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Stupid Zion....
Published on November 6, 2003 By Nand1 In Internet
GreenReaper, logger of teh stardock chatrooms, just suffered a hard disk death. I lost all me lines on #Galciv, and #Stardock, but thats okay, because everyone else lost their lines too. Which means: I have teh power to rise to number one much quicker! This turn of events makes everything so much easier.

On another note, I saw teh Matrix 3 on Wednsday. Unlike everyone else, I didn't ending up hating it, or even thinking that it was a bad movie. I thought that the action scenes were incredibly cool, especially the part when Zion was being attacked. The final battle with Smith was drawn out too long, and the ending was truly confusing, but overall I thought it was a pretty good movie. There's only one problem I have with the movie.


While the Zion being under attack was very cool, I have some huge problems with the way Zion defended itself. The makers of Zion were obviously total idiots, and their defense system could have been tons better. There were so many ways that Zion could have been defended better, and so I've decided to list(yeah!) them.

1. Those god damn weak fatty robot walker things. No real cockpit or anyway to stop a shot from hitting the person inside of the robot. What kind of person makes a robot were the least defended thing is the pilot? The makers of the robot walkers have obviously never played a mechwarrior game. Another nitpick is that while the fatty robots had fatty guns, their bullets were disproportional. The day before the Matrix came out, I remember talking about the robots. Our conversation went something like this: "Those robot walkers are so cool." "I know, they look so cool, and they're totally fatty." "Yeah, and their guns are totally fatty too." " I wonder what bullets they fire." "Fatty bullets prolly." What did they fire? Machine gun bullets! The same job could have been done with a person on teh ground holding two machine pistols, which Is all that the robots were, except larger. Not only that, but a person could probably run faster then a fatty robot walker too...

2. It would have been so easy to dispatch of teh robots with an emp blast. When the logos comes through and uses it's EMP blast, it kills all of teh first wave of robots. Why didn't they just have 20 EMP blasters in teh dock to fight off 20 waves? Teh makers of the Zion defenses were complete idiots.

3. What the heck happened to the other Hovercraft? I was under the impression that there were dozens of them. Why couldn't they have come in and used their EMP blast?

Today's word is "Gaah!" "Gaah!" Is usually used when I make a mistake. No example today cuz I'm to lazy. I'll put one in once I compile them all into teh first dictionary.
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on Nov 06, 2003
you fool! didn't you listen to obnoxious military commander at all?

the reason the robots came in waves was because they didn't know if the dock had an emp or not. when the emp blast did hit, he bitched out our heroes. why? because now none of the human defenses work now, and the second robot wave can stroll into the dock. since the robots can't protect themselves from an emp i am going to guess that putting 20 emps won't do anything since the first one will be powerful enough to take the other 19 out too. remember one early emp took out the entire fleet sent out to attack the robots. so for some reason you can't shield against them.

i don't know how many ships zion has but from the seond movie it seemed they sent most of their fleet there.
on Nov 06, 2003
Bah! It's easy to protect another EMP from an EMP blast!
on Nov 06, 2003
is it hard to protect a robot from an emp blast? or a ship?
on Nov 06, 2003
You're saying what I was thinking about that movie.

The previews said the movie was bad, yet I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than expected.

Those robot suits were poorly designed.

They could have put those emps outside of the dome or something. Of course, that doesn't make for very good action sequences. The way it turned out, lots of stuff got shot up.

I bet the robot bullet reloaders wished that they had Segues (Seg-ways.) That way they could roll over the carnage without spilling the bullets.
on Nov 06, 2003
Please keep your use of the modification on the word 'the' to 'teh' to a minimum. The key is to slip it in when it's not expected. Otherwise, it's just not teh same.
on Nov 06, 2003
Well Russelmz, they obviously have the technology to protect something very close to an EMP blast I.E. the hovercraft never shut down when hit by the emp.

As for teh usage of teh, I am starting to cut down on it.
on Nov 06, 2003
are you sure? in the first movie they couldn't hit the emp because neo was still jacked into the matrix. in the second movie the traitor/smith hit the emp early and left all the ships helpless.
on Nov 06, 2003
Theres an incosistancy here... When a ship uses it's own emp, its still alive, but when It gets hit by anothers its disabled.
on Nov 06, 2003
The stupid part is if the ship shuts down before using the emp it can restart and be fine.... why not just have one ship EMP, restart, recharge, EMP again..... The problem with the whole idea is that the ship's ciruits should get fried whether or not they are on--just like with a real EMP...
on Nov 06, 2003
i must not remember the first movie correctly: in that one they couldn't hit the emp otherwise the ship would shut down and neo (still connected to matrix) would die.

unless you mean in the third movie? i don't remember if the emp emitting ship was still flying or not.
on Nov 07, 2003
Effectively what an EMP does is short circuit IC's by causing a small bridge from one circuit to another. The smaller the Circuit paths the more susceptible that Integrated Circuit is to an EMP. Likewise, hard wired equipments (old school) is not nearly problematic to an Electro-Magnetic-Pulse, thus, to defeat such pulse, one must make larger circuits, using classic cabling... I think if I where to use EMPs as a weapon, I might design and build the rest of my equipment with this concept in mind. Hummm.. Wonder why they didn’t?

Just a thought, but maybe it's not practical in this case, but as a human living in Zion, I don't think machines really would be much a threat. Everything has a weakness, but at what cost.
on Nov 07, 2003
Solid state circuits are the future.
on Nov 07, 2003
The reason that there weren't more ships with EMPs is because most of them were destroyed at the end of the second movie. That guy who was possessed by Agent Smith set off the EMP too early, alerted the machines to their presence, and the swarm of machines were able to take out all the ships except those that were out looking for Morpheus. Morpheus' ship was destroyed, and the one with the ship crew taking out the power plant was either destroyed or no one went looking for it. That left two ships still in operation. One went with Neo to the machine city, and the other was the Logos.

I was under the impression that the primary purpose of those mech things were working on the docks and docked ships, which explains the lack of any kind of shielding and crappy weapons: they were a last ditch attempt.
on Nov 07, 2003
Reply By: Ian
Solid state circuits are the future.

vaccuum tubes!

when the smith/traitor hit the emp early i assumed that it didn't just warn the machines but made all the ships helpless:the emp generating ship and the rest of the fleet.

on Nov 07, 2003
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